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Third Sex and the Enemy Religions

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Muslim Crimes against Third Sex People Christianity: the Worst Enemy of The Third Sex Crimes of Communism aka Marxism aka Bolshevism Crimes of the Other Right Hand Path creeds
What Islam has to say about Homosexuality

The Genocide of Homosexuals in Iran

Homosexuality in Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia

Iraq: New Murders of Gays

‘Dancing Boys’ of Afghanistan: Muslim Crime against Men

ISIS and the Third Sex

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Anti-homosexuality is pro-christianity

The Lie Of Liberal Christians

Sadistic Christian Lifestyles

Uganda’s Anti Gay Bill is xian

Ridiculous: “gay evangelist”

David Duke is a kike

Boiling Third Sex people alive in xian families

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Communists and Christians

Communists Agree with Christians regarding Homosexuality

Christianity, Communism, and Homosexuality


The Real Attitude of Communism towards Gays

How Communism Really Feels About the Third Sex

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Greys/enemy ET are destroying Third Sex

New Age Crap (on Merkaba and Third Sex Soul)

What Right Hand Path Occultists Think Of Gay/Bi’s

Atheists and Homosexuality

Homosexuality and psychoanalysis

Sterilization of Homosexuals by Darwin and Galton

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“The Christian resolve to find the world evil and ugly, has made the world evil and ugly”
– Friedrich Nietzsche

‘Dancing Boys’ of Afghanistan full video [52:13]
full truth about how the enemy / abrahamic / jewish religions treat beautiful homosexual nature of people, turning it into pedophilia, rape and murder.
Muslim crime against men from 6 years of age.
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Orlando gay killings explained by Muslim Sharia Law expert
Full proof that islam wants all Third Sex People dead