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ISIS and the Third Sex

For those who don’t know, “Third Sex” is the Pagan [Satanic] term for “GBLT” and related politically correct left-winged terms. We will be gradually replacing the liberals’ “GBLT” with “Third Sex” and “Twin Soul.”

The article below is very saddening. I knew that Islam was just as evil as Christianity, but I never studied Islam nearly as much as I have studied Christianity, as I was raised Christian, and I despise that false religion. I despise all Abrahamic “religions,” however, as they all grow from the same Jewish roots.

ISIS, which blasphemes one of Astaroth’s names, is a Jewish invention, not a Gentile fuck-up. The Jewish people are behind all of the atrocities of Christianity, Islam, and their Communist twin. The outcome of every Abrahamic religion, no matter how “conservative” or liberal, is Communism, which is even worse than the worst anti-human religion that exists.

When the “right-winged” version of Christianity and Islam are forced to an extreme by the Jews who control these religions, the Jews know that humanity will be begging for left-winged Communism in all of its liberal packaging. This is a trick, of course, as Communism is actually fanatically obsessed with manipulating and controlling people, but most people are unaware of the fact that liberalism equals slavery instead of freedom. Yes, in Communism, everyone is equal, but whether the Communists are atheistic or theistic, it is the same extra-terrestrial spooks behind Christianity and Islam that are behind Communism.

While the Gentile followers of Christianity and Islam will be held accountable for their individual crimes against humanity, such as in the story below, it is the Jews who will receive their final Pogrom for being the puppet string-pullers behind the curtains, manipulating and controlling the actions of Christians and Muslims, and their Communist twin.

The Jews began anti-Third Sex indoctrination, but now, the left-winged, liberal Jews are claiming to disown the Leviticus 20:13 verse that states that the Jews must kill Third Sex people and that homosexuality is an “abomination.” The Jews are usually pretty good about covering their tracks and burning the evidence before the eyes of the average person. However, we, who are Satanic Nazis, can see through the “veil” with the help of Satan and his Demons who tell us the truth. It is the beings who are behind Christianity and Islam that make up the true Father of Lies, but every time, they accuse Satan of what they, themselves are, and what they do. This is beyond unfair. This is criminal and reveals that there is absolutely no truth to the Jewish-invented religions.

The article below is very sad. Our Third Sex brothers and sisters are being savagely murdered by ISIS, even if they are only *suspected* of being Third Sex. This happened to our kind before, during and after the Catholic Inquisition, which like all other atrocities, have stained the Jewish people’s hands with our blood. Everyone looks at the symptom, which in the case of the Inquisition was Christians and Christianity, but most people don’t think to look to the root of the problem, which is the Jewish people hidden from view from the Gentile masses.

The Jews may not have to perform these atrocities, themselves [except for the invention of AIDS, for example], BUT, they are GUILTY because THEY PERSUADE WOULD-BE INNOCENT GENTILES INTO DOING THEIR DIRTY WORK!!!!!!!

We are not going to let the Jewish people survive. Their numbers will be dwindling as a result of our Satanic rituals, and vengeance is ours and Satan’s.


High Priest Jake Carlson


ISIS Throws Gay Men From Roof In Syria, Releases Photos And Recording Of Execution: Video

The Islamic State group (ISIS) released a new video Friday showing the execution of two men suspected of being gay. The men were thrown from a roof and then stoned to death by a crowd waiting below.

The video, which reportedly takes place in Homs, Syria, is more than six minutes long. It shows a masked ISIS militant reading the “charges” against the two men to an audience lining the street, before the two men are led blindfolded across the roof. The video then shows the men being tossed from it — ISIS’ regular method of execution for those suspected or proven to be homosexual. Although the moment of impact is not included, the crowd is shown surging forward to stone the men after they hit the ground.

The bodies are then removed and washed in accordance with Islamic burial traditions, before being wrapped in white shrouds and placed in unmarked graves.

The title of the video is “But Who Is Better Than God In Judgement: Establishing a Limit Upon the People of Lut – Wilayat Homs,” or “State of Homs,” according to

Homs is a city in western Syria and the capital of the Homs province, an area largely occupied by ISIS.

These two men are the latest victims in a pattern of ISIS killings. The militant group has previously executed those they suspect to be gay in much the same way.