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Communists and Christians

The Jewish powers that be make it look like the atheist communists and devout Christians are archenemies. The ADL is a good example of this where they created a make-pretend war with Mel Gibson’s kike on a stick movie. Jesus would have been a Jew, so as Nietzsche said:

“The Jews have falsified history to where a Christian can feel anti-Jewish without realizing that he is the ultimate consequence of the Jews.” – Nietzsche

The point here is that the communists are agreeing with Christians on making homosexuality a global crime… AGAIN!

We must destroy the Jews’ invention of Christianity and communism by root and branch. This is a Satanic mission for all Satanists. We must put an end to our persecution and stop anyone who tries to get in our way. This is done legally, and magickally. This is a spiritual war.

“Whether it’s the Old Testament or the New, or simply the sayings of Jesus, it’s all the same old Jewish swindle. It will not make us free. You cannot make an Aryan of Jesus; that’s nonsense.” – Adolf Hitler

The same law applies to communism. Communists (communism is an offshoot of Christianity) are in full agreement in making homosexuality a crime, just like Josef Stalin did. Christians still agree that homosexuality is an illness. So did the communist Jew Josef Stalin who through gays/lesbians/bisexuals into prisons and REAL concentration camps for execution, and in some cases, under the Stalin regime, gays were sent to mental institutions because homosexuality isn’t allowed to exist in communist countries.

The communism seen in the U.S. is only a facade. Don’t fall for “brotherly love,” “love conquers hate,” “peace and fraternity” programs or other bullshit offered by the gay movement. The Jews will use gays in some countries to advance their one world communism and will exterminate gays when we no longer apply to their plan.

Communism isn’t the answer. Nationalism is.

– High Priest Jake Carlson

People need to understand the historical situation that communism was created in and how the forces of jewry have been steering the course of events for decades.

Communism was created in a shifting period the christian theocracy(kikeocracy) had lost it’s grip on direct political and economic power. And European gentile society was becoming more and more, secular, nationalistic, scientific and materalistic. And the capitalist class had risen to replace the old church and aristocratic elite as the rulers. And European society was becoming more and more moved by the ideals of the Enlightenment period which where liberal and secular in nature.

This is the era communism manifested in, and it was designed to appeal to the situation of the day. It took the ideals of the Enlightenment period, combined with the dire situation in industrialized society and slapped them together. To fuck gentiles over, all over again.

The heart of the matter is the Enlightenment ideals where simply a secular sermon on the mount. And the jews where the major power behind the capitalist class and industrial revolution. Which created a new feudal society with the industrial worker as the neo-serf. So they recreated christianity in the form of communism. To mobilize the large working classes to over throw what was left of the gentile power elite and give them total control of gentile society again. As what happened in Russia. They create a problem then create a solution designed to give them total power over gentiles. Rockwell went into this in detail in one of his books.

The hallmark of communism is class warfare and divison and egalitarian slave morality, like christianity before it. Communism is the final rung where the gentiles are spiritually dead,consciousless, two legged sheep. Who work themselves to death for the jews as slaves.

It will result in the death of all humanity both physical and spiritual as the human being will live a society where the life span will be in the 20’s just like it was in the darkages and with no spiritual knowledge left which equals nobody empowering themselves spiritually,the soul will flicker out in the end. Before that happens the human will physically degenerate into a deformed animal since the quality of the physical body is shaped by the quality of or the power of light energy of the soul it’s formed from and the light energy is also passed on via the blood, literally the DNA is light/photon energy that can has been detected by science.

A major point the National Socialists made was to educate people about the foolishness of the egalitarian idea’s(sermon on the mount) that still infected society from the “enlightenment” period.

The jews want communism because since christianity was the power taking and transit form of it’s day when people where still higher type for the most. It need a religious or spiritual sounding vechile to hijack the Pagan spiritual traditions of the time and destroy them.

The jews want all gentiles to be atheistic, materialists who don’t believe in anything spiritual. Because christianity carries a double edge sword for the jew. Because it acknowledges spiritual powers exist and can be obtained and it still mentions Satan and the Demons within, even in the perverted form.

The jews stated it best what they want when it comes to Satan “may his name be blotted out” they want to erase His name from our ears. First they perverted His name to scare gentiles away from Him. Now they want to erase it. So they can replace themselves in His place. And for us to believe spirituality and powers are bullshit and even the idea of a soul is bullshit. That way they win. And we all die.

Yes truly struggling against the jew in all it’s evil forms is service to humanity.

– High Priest Mageson