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Christianity, Communism, and Homosexuality

While the author of these notes uses the term “homophobia,” which I don’t agree with, these notes are quite revealing. They prove similarities between both ancient and modern views towards homosexuality of the Christian and Marxist creeds, and how Christianity and Communism are one and the same.

1) Homosexuality in Christian “History:”

Homosexuality In Classical Antiquity : In 342 (Codex Theodosianus, 9, 7, 3,) the first law was enacted in Milan regarding passive homosexuals. Harsher penalties were introduced by Theodosius I in a law addressed to the prefect of Rome in 390, with execution by burning (…). This law was inserted in the Theodosian Code of 438 (9, 7, 6), but substantially modified and with a wider scope. The new compilation condemned to burning all passive homosexuals without distinction. With the Emperor Justinian the legislation was broadened; every kind of homosexuality was repeatedly condemned with the death penalty”.

From Wikipedia: “Justinian’s law code then served as the basis for most European countries’ laws against homosexuals for the next 1400 years. Homosexual behavior, called sodomy, was considered a capital crime, and thousands of homosexual men were executed across Europe during waves of persecution in these centuries.”

2) Homosexuality in Communism:

From Wikipedia:

“Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels both to some level expressed homophobia in their public and private writings ”

“In the 1930s under Joseph Stalin, homosexuality and abortion were recriminalised in the nation. Article 121 explicitly criminalised male same-sex intercourse and with five years of hard prison labor as a penalty(…) Homosexuals were sometimes denied membership or expelled from communist parties across the globe during the 20th Century, as most communist parties followed the social precedents set by the USSR. Today, however, nearly all communist parties accept homosexuals and support the LGBT rights movement.

Homosexuality was decriminalized in China in 1997 and was removed as a mental illness in 2002”

3) My Notes:

Christianity is doing the same thing that Communism is doing with homosexuality. It is trying to appear more and more “progressive,” while other Christians bitch and complain about the “subversion” of Christianity. While it is true that the inner Catholic Church has been ripe with homosexuality for quite some time, that doesn’t make Christianity friendly to homosexuals OR heterosexuals, as for heterosexuals who are not Mormon Christians, but some other branch of Christianity, Christianity is like a birth control pill, as it seizes both homosexuals and heterosexuals with fear of eternal damnation over sex and masturbation. Then, for the children, an indoctrination of an odious lie is introduced that claims that we were “born into sin.”

Despite what I said about there being homosexuality in the Catholic Church, make no mistake, Christianity from its inception has discouraged any sex for pleasure between consenting adults, punishing homosexuals and heterosexuals with death, while child rapists go free. This is in the Jewish Talmud where consenting adult sexuality is to be punished with death, but Jewish men or women who seduce young Gentile children are held in high regards.

As for homosexuality enjoying a greater “tolerance” in both Christianity and Communism, these programs are changing with the times, as both of them need more useful idiots, and Christianity is weakening so badly that one’s sexual preference doesn’t matter as much as it did before. Adolf Hitler never persecuted homosexuals who were loyal to him, but the Jews see to it that he gets the blame for how Josef Stalin treated homosexuals. Under Stalin, “incurable” homosexuals who cannot breed, but are still creative in other ways, were sent to the most horrific mental institutions for the criminally insane. Stalin certainly had Christian Values, while Hitler couldn’t have cared less about one’s sexual preference, provided that the individual was a good National Socialist. That is hardly Christian.

“American Newspapers claim that Stalin has been preordained to save Christianity.” — from the Goebbels Diaries

4) A message for new people who come to Satanism confused about sexual preferences

Unlike the corrupt Right-hand Path religions of the world, Satanism encourages both homosexuality and heterosexuality, as long as it doesn’t involve race-mixing, and that this sexual freedom isn’t abused by using it in illegal ways. Satan doesn’t care about which gender you’re attracted to. Satan only cares if you’re a good Satanist/National Socialist. It’s as easy as that.

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