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Homosexuality and psychoanalysis

We all know that in Soviet Jewnion homosexuality was considered mental disease and was treated with tasers, castration and forced brain surgeries (while in most cases homosexuals were simply sent into labour camps of GULAG where most did not return from).

«The growth of popularity of psychoanalisis caused enforcement of the view on homosexuality as abnormal behavior and disease. The amount of homosexual people forced set in mental hospitals and prisons increased. The medic scientists tried to «treat» homosexuality in different ways, including aversion therapy, castration, taser, brain surgeries and other methods»
– translation of Russian Wikipedia Article Гомосексуальность и психология.

“Something to think about the psychoanalysis paradigm that Jung was the only Gentile in. Comes from Jewish materialists. Who by admission created it from Talmudic texts and Jewish, mystical texts like the Zohar. Freud also admits it was created as weaponized psychological paradigm against the Goyium. And it was used to form a major block of the Jewish Communist movement. Jung after leaving Freud took his better idea’s from the Eastern texts but still redrafted them via psychoanalysis, profane preception. As Serrano noted. Jung could never fully shake it.”
– High Priest Mageson666

The fact that all problems of human psyche are based solely on child’s “sexual desire” to parents, felt strange not only to us, but also to Freud’s non-jewish contemporaries.

From Encyclopedia Judaica (translation from Russian):

“The scientists involved in the study of psychoanalysis and its social and psychological origins, almost unanimously recognized that Jewish origins of Freud played major role in creating it. Psychoanalysis is often seen as Freud’s response to the racial approach to health and disease problems, which was widespread in European medicine 2nd half of the 19th c. and backed up by references to Darwin’s theory, according to which, the Jews in particular, unlike other nations, are subject to the specific disease, and the lack of such qualities as fairness, honesty, unselfishness, and so on, makes them unsuitable for medical profession”.

The irony is, jews really have their mental diseases in large amount caused by incest. Incest is deeply embedded in Jewish tradition, they are swarming with the Bible, many biblical “patriarchs” commit themselves and / or have been fruits of incest. Jews practiced incest throughout their entire history, and as a result of this, their official newspaper haarez admits that 40% of their race suffer schizophrenia.

“Israeli and American scientists have discovered a gene among Ashkenazi Jews that increases their chances of developing the mental disorder schizophrenia, as well schizoaffective disorder and manic depression.

“According to a study recently published in Nature Communications, the gene in question raises Ashkenazi Jews’ chances of experiencing the disorders by roughly 40%, and by 15% in the general population.”

– International Jewish Newspaper Haarez

This also was admitted by independent scientists of the time of Freud, but unlike Haarez, their statements were somehow perceived as anti-Semitism and chauvinism.

“Freudianism in its original form (the teachings of Freud) was perceived as a doctrine, quite alien to European culture, defying all its core values ​​and European roots … Pansexuality concept, in particular, explains the uniqueness of childhood characterized by specific forms for its sexuality. [how do you like this?]”

“Despite the presence of non-Jews in the psychoanalytic movement (the first was in 1907, the Swiss Carl Jung, in 1908 – the Englishman E. Jones), many opponents continued to consider it primarily a Jewish phenomenon. Many scientists reject psychoanalysis entirely as smth that has nothing to do with science; in 1910 at the Congress of German neurologists and psychiatrists, and in 1911, at a meeting of the Hungarian medical society, psychoanalysis qualified as pure pornography, creator and supporters of which should be in the police station. For such scientists mostly Jewish part of the psychoanalytic movement (at times long before National socialism) seemed a good enough reason to see Freudianism as f secret Jewish agenda aimed at undermining the moral foundations of the European peoples. Also existed the view that innate depravity and perversion of the Jewish race could lead its representatives to the doctrine, which rehabilitate and legalize sexuality, also suspicion was expressed that behind the desire for psychoanalysis to penetrate into the hidden motives of human actions, there are some hidden Jewish intentions. Also there were ttempts to interpret psychoanalysis as a doctrine, the conclusions of which, since they were first produced solely as a result of observations of the Jewish patients, are valid only in relation to the Jewish psyche, being pure alien to Europeans, but solely Jewish intellectual and mystical traditions. ”

The creators of psychoanalysis were quiet open about their Zionism and the fact that they have created psychoanalysis as a pure propaganda of Zionism and their own superiority:

“Jewish priority in Freudianism was strongly emphasized by the its creators and supporters, who were inclined to see it as not just a new scientific trend or a revolutionary scientific theory, but a new gospel … Moreover, many analysts of the first generation were convinced that Jews, hardened by the centuries of persecution and humiliation, were only ones, who were able to create a doctrine, which breaks with the illusions and prejudices of European society and reveals the truth about it to the populace. Such a self-importance was often characteristic of Jewish intellectuals of Austria-Hungary, especially Vienna. It is usually motivated by a particular tendency of Jews to the most advanced and radical ideas in all areas and at times turned into sectarianism or even Jewish supermacism. Later public statements of Viennese intellectuals of Jewish superiority also did bad service to the European Jewry. So, O. Rank argued that the Jewish race is far ahead of other nations in opening and using hidden resources of human life energy, which explains the exceptional role of the jews in spiritual and moral progress.”

“Freud decisively rejected the possibility of conversion into another religion … For many years, he remained a member of the Jewish community of Vienna and the Viennese lodge B’nai B’rith … His last work, published in the year of his death, was the book “Moses and Monotheism”, in … this work Freud declares his love for the Jewish people and Judaism, seeing the greatness of the latter in a higher level of spirituality than with other monotheistic religions developed from it.

In 1930-s. Freud was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. ”

(All quotes above are taken from the Jewish Encyclopedia, translated from Russian)

According to Freud (“Essay on the autobiography” 1925), he suffered all that he supposedly revealed in the human psyche (and what he basically “revealed” was pedophilia, incest, “infantile sexuality” and “neurosis” on the basis of all this), and in his youth he was a drug addict and advised it to others, believing it to be his mean to gain fame and glory.

“Even in his student years, Freud experimented with cocaine. He used it himself, and later taught to his bride, and gave to friends, because they believe cocaine be a miracle cure for all illnesses, extending working ability and a cure from depression. The young man thought, he found a mean that will bring him fame and glory. He even published several articles in which he described the positive effects of cocaine. Later, the scientist was severely criticized for the promotion of drugs. Freud himself tried to avoid mention of this error and did not mention these articles in the list of his publications. ”
– “Children’s Encyclopedia” ( “Man”, part 2)

Drug abusers, Zionists, “infantile sexuality” and “Jewish superiority” propagandists, as well as the Orthodox Judaists of B’nai B’rith society – this is the true face of those who introduced the idea that homosexuality – is the delay in development, and whose teachings Soviet psychiatry was built on.


Еврейская электронная энциклопедия [Encyclopedia Judaica in Russian]: