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Ugly Result of Enemy Propaganda

See also Corrective rape PDF – this is what happens when jewish communism takes power!

Hatred to Third Sex in Modern Society

Lesbian Gang Rape

Christian “NS” who hate “faggots” and “niggers”

Of Pinko Fags And Men

“Kill the Gays bill” To Become Law

Back to JewSSR

ISIS and the Third Sex

Problem Reaction Solution = Jewish Rule

Liberalism or “Biting the hands that feed us” issue

Gay rights from top to bottom is controlled by Jews. What they do is work to push and take this to an extreme on the one hand and as the Jews control both sides, they work against it on the other. One the other side, they work for establishing Old Testament laws as is with Jewish communism. Gay in the GULAG. There are no sexual freedoms in any communist countries. Even heterosexuals holding hands or kissing in public in communist North Korea can get not only the couple, but their entire families thrown into slave labor concentration camps.* These are the real death camps where very few ever survive. Most are worked to death under the most hideous conditions, starving and then are disposed of. This is the Jewish paradise…disposable slave labor.

– High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

Conducta Impropia – Documental sobre la represion al homosexualismo en Cuba
Full Documentary with English subs [1:51:29] on how homosexuals are treated under communism of Cuba.
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