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Special Place of Third Sex and Twin Soul People in Satanism

Sermon On Homosexuality

Satan is a protector of Homosexuals

The Ancient Pagan [Gentile] religions never had a problem with sexuality

The Metaphysics Of Sexual Union

The Templar’s Serpent Tradition

Third Sex Soul and Merkaba

Sexuality of Demons

Homo/bisexuals As Guardians

Elite Energy of The Third Sex

2 тамплиера на лошади

The Templars who practice the primordial tradition [Satanism] chose to depict two male knights upon a single horse to show this principal. This is linked to why the oldest mysteries that of Siva are consider to be Homosexual in nature this is allegorical. Homosexuality is two of the same physical sex but together show the metaphysical polarity within the soul coming together into the same physical being. The homosexual is the third sex all of this together shows the androgyne.

– From sermon The Metaphysics Of Sexual Union
By High Priest Mageson666