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Metaphysical Realms of the Third Sex and the Twin Soul

What is Third Sex

Twin Soul People


Role of Bisexuals in Society

Gender Psychology

Race, Sex and Sexual Preferences Are in the Soul

Third Sex People Are Not Pedophiles

Transgender does not exist, Twin Soul does

Epigenetics: Third Sex is real

Homosexuality Does Not Excuse Race Mixing

Astral Children (“Childe”)

Third Sex Women

Satanic Adoption

“A person has to be strong in this society to go the transformational path in that sense. A being with that strength belongs in Satanism”
– High Priest Mageson666 (about transsexuals)

Epigenetics of Homosexuality [31:23] full proof that homosexuality is natural. English subs

If previously homosexuality was a subject of psychiatry, we now know that it is part of the genetic studies. Dr. Varella lectures in the XI Advanced Course on HIV Pathogenesis, on what is known so far of homosexuality on the biological point of view.

See also: Epigenetics: A promising theory that homosexuality and bisexuality have a hereditary component

Gay People

There are three soul groups within nature when it comes to sex. Man, Woman and the Third sex. The situation is its discovered there is a “Gay” gene. If one observes the physical appearance of many female and male, homosexual’s they have a certain physical appearance. This has been noted by Gay people themselves and others. This reflects the genetic structure. What is in the DNA is in the soul. The genetics’ hold the information of the etheric body and physical body together. The body as the ancients stated is the physical layer of the soul. Being Gay is of the soul and it manifests thought the specific gene to form the physical body which is the template of the soul group. There is also the “Gay” vibe that people pick up on and mention. This is the soul vibration of this soul group.

The 3rd sex exists as the law of manifestation which relates to the number three. The ancients state as such for this sex. Hence they called them “The Third Sex.”

The current political identity assigned to the Third Sex, today is a social construct that does not reflect anything about the spiritual nature and characteristic’s of this soul group. Its a manifestation of the thought form of Christianity and hence carries the curses the Jewish Bible places onto the Third Sex within it. Many Gay/Third Sex people are manifesting the curses within this degenerate behaviour which is a form of self harm. Due to Christian indoctrination, many are imprinted with this on their souls and become conduits for the curses of the Bible to manifest thought. And many of the negative behaviours are the manifesting of deep socially conditioned self-hatred, programed into them by the Judeo-Christian social norms. This all connects together with the curses of the enemy and causes them to destroy themselves. Many Gay people die younger then their peer’s due to how this connects. This also involves suicide rates being higher among this group.

The Jewish People, have taken over the leadership of the Gay Communities and have damned them with promoting the Cultural Marxist ideology which connects into the Christian thought form and causes the curses to manifest into the Third Sexes soul group stronger. And ties them into and makes them more susceptible to the destructive behaviours the Jews promote to Gentile, Third Sex People to destroy them. The Jewish People are the author’s of all hatred against the Third Sex people and the only authors of hatred against them. The Judeo-Christian bible, is full of numerous curses against the Third Sex.

The ancient Pagan society had Gods and Goddess that were of the Third Sex soul group. And such soul group had a special place within Pagan society as normal. The greatest hero of the ancient Greeks, Achilles was openly of the Third Sex. He had both male and female lovers in the Iliad. One will find within the Third Sex, masculine and feminine polarities within groups of physical male and female homosexuals that unite in many Gay couples. One will also find within the male and female sexes many feminine and masculine types in each physical sex who are heterosexual. The truth is being Gay is normal.

-Hihh Priest Mageson666