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Metaphysical Realms of the Third Sex and the Twin Soul

What is Third Sex

Twin Soul People


Role of Bisexuals in Society

Race, Sex and Sexual Preferences Are in the Soul

Third Sex People Are Not Pedophiles

Gay People

Epigenetics: Third Sex is real

Homosexuality Does Not Excuse Race Mixing

Gender Psychology

Third Sex Women

Sexuality and the Metaphysical

Epigenetics of Homosexuality [31:23] full proof that homosexuality is natural. English subs

If previously homosexuality was a subject of psychiatry, we now know that it is part of the genetic studies. Dr. Varella lectures in the XI Advanced Course on HIV Pathogenesis, on what is known so far of homosexuality on the biological point of view.

See also: Epigenetics: A promising theory that homosexuality and bisexuality have a hereditary component