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Twin Soul People


I want to comment on the idea of non-hetero people as “twin souled” that is going around the neo-pagan camps. The idea is that all non-hetero people are twin souls carry both female and male forms.

Well thats every person on earth the Yin and Yang or positive and negative currents of the soul.

What this twin soul deal was in the ancient world if one searches the actual cultures of Gentiles across the planet [hence have nothing in common with neo-paganism]….

It specifically refers to people who today are called Transgendered, mainly a chick in a biological dude suit direction.

This was considered a sacred role and the family of such people where considered blessed and honoured for having such a member in them. These beings served as High Priestess of Isis in Egypt. etc They where consider to be a living avatar of the principal of the union of the male and female aspects of the soul. And considered to have special spiritual attributes.

Trans-People are their own metaphysic. It has nothing to do with people who are simply non-hetero but still of the gender of their sex.

Note as Danielou proves in his works on the Primordial Tradition. Transsexuals where always called the third sex in the Pagan world. It was a custom to hire transsexuals to be part of wedding ceremonies as it was considered good luck as they where beneficial beings and held a special place of honor in society. Families of such individuals where considered blessed and favoured by the Gods, and given extra respects. To be sexually desired or in a relationship with one was a mark of high social status.

It does seem this extends to Homosexuals as well. The third sex category.

From looking at things in the ancient Satanic world. Many Transgender people served as special clergy to the Gods. They are tales of Odin going as Transgender to learn the femine rites of the Mysteries as well as the Priests of Isis being Transgender beings.etc

Testimony if a group member:

My experience of being brought to Father Satan was amazing. I learned about Lilith during a hard time in my life, i was incarcerated at the time. I heard theher name and was drawn towards her. I was struggling with my selfindentity and gender expressionism. I went on to read about transgender and it felt so weird because so many things in the information matched with my feelings. I was confused about it at the time because i was under control of the xian church and was attending catholic services. I often wondered why would “god” create me this way but damn me for feeling like a woman, wanting to be a woman despite my anatomically male body. I decided one night to pray to Lilith for answers. She came to me in a dream after my prayer and comforted me telling me that i was destined to be created this way. I asked why, i told her i didn’t want to suffer eternally for being transgender and i had also mentioned i was bisexual. She explained to me that the catholic church is a lie and advised methat i stop attending and work to blaspheme the xian church. She went to explain that Satan is my true creator and that he made me so he could show the world the beauty he creates in many forms including transgenders. She explained that many true faith and roots are in Satanism. She helped me accept being a female in a male body and set me on my true destined path, leaving me with the words i remember so clearly, “whether you are straight gay bisexual lesbian or transgender, Satan, Me, and the other Gods love you for who you are and want the best for you and to be comfortable with who you are and be strong in your faith.” After those exact words she blessed me in growing in my identity and empowered me to grow in Satanism and i am forever thankful for that. I occasionally want to cry with tears of joy and gratitude.

About transition (from Transsexual SS):

Transexuality goes into the metaphysical realm and taking hormones and having surgeries is what the kikes want people to do because it adds problems on top of problems.