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When can I do Request to Father for a Succubus?

You need to be seriously powerful before You request for a Succubus,and don’t be hasty to make such descision.Demons are another beings,so treat them with intense respect.Most people have the mentality of “lets have sex with an incubus” like they are sex slaves.This is disrespectful.

Work on empowering Yourself,become wiser,attain knowledge.If later on your Spiritual journey want a succubus to have as a Wife/Husband or something , make sure You have a clear mind when You do that. People still tend to disrespect Satan’s Demons and this stupid abusive behavior comes directly from the programmings of the enemy which have been instilled into people’s minds from birth.

Be sensible.Succubus’s don’t take shit neither take jokes or abuse.They are like a “real” lover (In My dictionary “real” stands for physical) the only difference is that they are on the astral realm.Nothing changes,its like marrying a Human being.Treat them x100 times more respectfully than You would treat Human being lovers.There are numerous times that Humans have thought so high of themselves to cheat and act like Demon lovers can be cheated on and took things very light heartedly.Unpleasant things started to happen.Nevertheless My opinion is that pure sexual lust is not a reason to get an incubus or succubus,as most people do.

I repeat,don’t take that in a light manner.People get a hard-on and say “hey lets call a succubus”.When they are “done” they treat these Luminous Demons like … I won’t type that word but You realize what I am saying. Have a super clear mind and understand that Satan can send You a perfect succubus once You’re really ready for it if You want one.And also make sure that both You and the Succubus/Incubus agree upon the relationship.

But first,You have to evolve in order to see and feel the astral and the beings that dwell therein. (This line was Maxine’s)

-Vovin Luciftian