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Third Sex and NAZI Germany

The important role of Gays in National Socialism

In NAZI Germany Homosexuality was never an issue
– Heinrich Himmler

Hitler’s Homosexual Men

Homosexuality in the Third Reich:
The Truth about Pink Triangles

Regarding Hitler Youth Manual

The Truth About Homosexuals in Nazi Germany

The Truth Behind a Statement From Pat Robertson
that NAZI were Satanists

Kikes Rewrote History of NAZI as They Saw Fit

Irritating Observation

One time, I was very confused because of conflicting information regarding Hitler’s stance on homosexuality, especially with the Jewish lies that Himmler was really against it because of population issues. It was around that time that Hitler’s spirit had contacted me and told me that he never had a problem with it. Since I was still a little bit confused, Satan pointed me to the following quote within days after Hitler’s visit:

“I won’t be a spoil sport to any of my men. If I demand the utmost of them, I must permit them to let off steam as they see fit, not as it suit’s a lot of elderly church-hens. My lads are no angels… nor are they expected to be. I’ve no use for goody-goodies and League of Virtu-ites.” – Adolf Hitler

Homosexuality has it’s roots in Satanism/pre-Christian Paganism. It is also known that anti-homosexuality is rooted in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Persecution of homosexuality isn’t Aryan. It is Jewish.

– High Priest Jake Carlson