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The Role of the Third Sex in Primordial Satanic Pagan World

Social Requirements Of The Organic State And Division Of Energy

The Social Order Of Nature

Monogamy and polygamy

Organic Roles In Society Part 2

Shattering the Myth of Ancient Greek “Pederasty”

Lies in Cornelius Tacitus’ “Germania”

Alleged “Homophobia” of Vikings

Ancient Homosexuals: The Guides of the Race


The Mystery of Marriage in Pagan World vs
“Gay Marrige” that was passed in New Zealand

Tacitus’s Works Corrupted By The Enemy

Gilgamesh and Enkidu

“Let the heterosexual men and women secure the future children of our race with joyous pleasure, but let the homosexual men be the guards who protect and preserve the territories, fighting strong and proud with great pleasure.”

– Dictated by Satan, personally to High Priest Jake Carlson.

“I can’t remember the exact quote from Satan, but he wants homo/bisexuals to act as White blood cells, protecting the preservation of one’s race, while heterosexuals do the sexual preserving”

– High Priest Jake Carlson