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For Those who have Demon Lovers

Egon Albrecht:
For those who have Demon Lovers or are intended to have.

1. Do a banishing ritual. Again, if it is the case. Don’t dare to underestimate the enemy’s perversity, they are even capable to fake they are demon lovers. It is not rude to make your demon lover (or even any of your GDs) to swear loyalty to Satan. We are in war times, so if an ET is of Satan, he or she will have no problem to proof such.

2. If you have not yet enough power to see and touch your demon lover, don’t underestimate your fantasies! Demon lovers enjoy a lot you fantasying about them, not only in bed, but if you have time to do so in your everyday life (when your are not doing void meditation, which is indispensable), your lover will enjoy it, and with time, as you becomes more open, you will also feels when your demon lover is thinking in you and sending you love energies. Feelings and actions tell more than spoken words.

3. Not all time demon lovers will be at our side, but in no way this means they are bored or such a thing with us! You have to know the Gods have their business to do in Hell, so if you are in bed and they not came, say mentally that you understand and are not upset. They are caring and understanding to us, so we have to be grateful and understanding too.

4. Never, ever, betray your lover (for the case of a monogamous relationship)! The opportunity to have a love relationship with a God or Goddess is a so wonderful gift from Father Satan as is Godhead itself. Father Satan only allows the worth capable of his (if He has no other plans for you), so if you betray your lover you betray the trust that Father Satan himself put in you!